Originally posted March 16, 2020. Updated March 28, 2020.

Arkansas Folk and Traditional Arts remains open, but we are working remotely and unable to conduct in-person fieldwork or event/site visits at this time. Please continue to feel free to call and email.

Keep in Touch

In the meantime, we are working on several potential online programs available to community members and partners across Arkansas. Stay tuned to our website and social media for more information, or subscribe to our newsletter here.

Document Your Experience

Now, not later, is the time to think about preserving your experience of the global pandemic COVID-19.

Arkansas Folk and Traditional Arts is actively collecting oral histories about this challenging period of global and American history. You have the option of recording your own oral histories–either your own experience or the experience of friends and family–or scheduling a time for AFTA’s folklorist, Virginia Siegel, to interview you (via online software).

Learn more here.

Learn More About Folklore and Contagion

In light of all the news, memes, and information being shared in formal and informal channels, we have created a research guide on the relationship between traditional channels of communication in folklore, such as legend-telling, and contagion. Access the library guide here:

Let Us Know How Your Work is Affected

Our colleagues at Local Learning Network are currently collecting data on folk arts events and fieldwork that are directly affected by COVID-19. Local Learning would specifically like to track closures and cancellations of folk arts events and/or those events where folk arts would have been presented to help articulate the national impact for folk arts in response to COVID-19 and the unprecedented challenges it raises for all our organizations and work. If your work in folk arts is being impacted and you’d like to help in this effort, please email us ( the following information:

  • Name of organizer;
  • Event name/title;
  • Location and date of event;
  • Number of artists impacted; and
  • Number of people impacted and/or expected number of audience members impacted.

Stay Informed about University of Arkansas Libraries Hours and Resources

Lastly, you can learn more about resources available from our home institution, University Libraries, here: