Monica Jones, 1993 Homecoming Queen

“. . . I think, you know, when people think of Homecoming, they think it’s one game. But it’s really a celebration of a special time during your life, in your collegiate career, but [also] a time for you to actually return, so if you don’t physically come back for Homecoming, you can come back for other events . . . the most important thing is making sure that you stay connected . . . what you bring to the table matters. . .”

- Monica Jones, 2019

Born in Malvern, Arkansas, Monica Jones was crowned the University of Arkansas’ Homecoming Queen in 1993. While running for Homecoming Court, Jones represented her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, and several members of her court represented the campus peer counseling group SMILE (Students Making It Lighter Everyday). Listen to some of her memories shared during an oral history interview recorded on August 31, 2019. Click the links below to explore:

Memories of Running for Homecoming Court:

Monica Jones (2:04)

Freezing Weather on the Day of the Crowning:

Monica Jones (2:09)

Gender Politics During the 1993 Crowning:

Monica Jones (1:40)

Advice for Future Homecoming Queens:

Monica Jones (1:28)

Favorite University Traditions - Calling the Hogs and Senior Walk:

Monica Jones (1:46)

Homecoming in More Than One Game, It's a Celebration:

Monica Jones (1:33)

Images courtesy of Monica Jones:

Homecoming Feature from the 1992-1993 Razorback Yearbook

David Cox, 2014-2017 Drum Major of the Razorback Marching Band

“[Knowing band history] gives you a newfound respect for the uniform you’re putting on . . . where you stand on the field and the role you play for the university is the same role that people have been playing for over a hundred years . . . There’s a lot of things that are iconic to the University of Arkansas that came from having a marching band.”

- David Cox, 2019

From Batesville, Arkansas, David Cox joined the Razorback Marching Band his freshman year at the University of Arkansas. In 2014, as a sophomore, Cox was named one of four drum majors. Cox served as a drum major his sophomore and junior years, and was named head drum major as a senior. Listen to some of his memories shared during an oral history interview recorded on September 20, 2019. Click the links below to explore:

The Band's Role in the Homecoming Court Presentation

David Cox (0:54)

Pre-game Traditions (Drum Majors Strut, Hog Call, and Fight Song)

David Cox (5:49)

Memories of Homecoming Parade Uniform Mishaps

David Cox (3:22)

On Alumni Attendance at the Greek Theater Pep Rallies

David Cox (0:36)

On Learning About the Band's Long History

David Cox (1:02)

Dad's Advice for Balancing Life in Band

David Cox (0:57)


Homecoming Through Years: Images from Special Collections:

1976 Homecoming Court

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